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Žuljana Beach

Clean and clear sea, diverse and diverse beaches, are places where everyone can find their favorite part of the sea and land. Shallow sandy or pebble beaches for families with children, romantic and hidden coves or cliffs, famous beaches with entertainment and nightlife or sports programs, windy coves and canals for windsurfers, quiet coves and cliffs for diving enthusiasts…

Underwater Winery Pelješac

The indented relief of the seabed with a depth of about 50 m in the north sinks to 250 m near Palagruža, and not far from Jabuka it reaches a depth of 1300 m. Experienced divers in search of attractions such as attractive endemic species of flora and fauna of the Adriatic or sunken Roman galleys and warships, can look for organized tours. Beginners are offered the possibility of various professional courses and diving schools.

Olive Oil Routes

The Trpanj olive oil trails start from the Vrila camp, from which 6 km of hiking and cycling trails lead to Velika Prapratna. Walking along the trail you can see restored century-old olive groves and dry stone walls, and lately more and more new olive groves. At all road crossings and extensions, tables with a detailed view of the trails and stone benches for rest have been placed. These are also viewpoints from which you can enjoy the combination of stone, olive, and sea.

Kučište Pelješac

The position of Viganj and Kučište on the coast, at the narrowest part of the Pelješac Channel, at the foot of the St. Ilija hill, favors the development of the westerly wind that blows much faster than usual on the Adriatic, so Viganj and Kučište have become top surfing destinations for all professional and recreational surfers, and kiters.

And the new destination for surfers is the area of Sreser and Dreče.

Quad Žuljana

Experience Peljesac in adrenaline activities.

Quad Safari is available in Žuljana, and provides an incredible tour of Pelješac, the coast, vineyards...

Medical Herbs Trail Trpanj

A beautiful walking trip begins in Donja Vrućica, an old road that separates from the paved road to Duba. With its scent and exotic flower, it reveals many medicinal plants that the trail abounds in (sage, rosemary, heather, immortelle). Walking along the path, you come across numerous piles of stone, some were created by cultivating the land and some are visible traces from the Illyrian era. The length of the trail is 2.5 km, and the final point is the church of St. Kuzma & Damian in Donja Vrućica.

Tourist Routes

Is there a better way to start and relax at the same time? Hiking trails are marked in the entire area of Pelješac. They are also drawn on a map that you can get at all tourist information offices. The road will take you along the sea, to olive groves, through small villages inhabited and abandoned. To ride a bike during the summer days, it is best to be an early riser and choose the freshness of the morning.


The hiking trails on St. Ilija are marked with standard features. 3 directions are marked and shown on our map. The area of the hill of St. Ilija is full of Mediterranean plants, mouflon habitat, and at the very top, you will experience one of the most beautiful views of the Mediterranean.

Healthy Mud Trpanj

Trpanj bay Blace is covered with healing mud. According to the results of research in the Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, Faculty of Medicine, University of Zagreb (1969), Department of Physiatry in Sarajevo (1966) and foreign institutions, the use of this sludge in the treatment of various rheumatic diseases and female genital diseases is much more effective. sludge treatments in some already known spas on the Adriatic.

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