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There are trips you must go. Emotions just around the corner. Hearts beating in the cultivated vineyards, in every glass of wine, and in every shell, in the sea and beautiful beaches, in the people who live here.

If you dream of your next trip to the Mediterranean, come and discover Peljesac, the second largest peninsula in Croatia, full of storytelling, where the sun shines for up to 2,500 hours a year and the temperature rarely drops below 10 ° C.

A peninsula where you feel safe wandering day or night, where the seafood is prepared in a thousand ways and where you will find accommodation and restaurants to suit every taste, budget, and need. Discover Peljesac, a peninsula that is authentic where old customs and ancient history mix with cultural entertainment and innovation. Peljesac is an authentic area of Dalmatia, the essence of southern Croatia. Leaving Croatian cities behind, head for the roads of the peninsula where vineyards, sights, and your hosts await you.

Peljesac is old, but he loves company, and you will find out if you meet someone and ask them to explain where the best place to taste wine is, and you will get the answer with a lot of gestures and repetitions.

Namely, Pelješac is well known in Croatia as The Wine Empire.

After all, Pelješac is known for its hospitality and friendly way of welcoming visitors.


Ston Pelješac


The defensive wall and one of the largest medieval fortification- urban projects in the total length of 5.5 km, the walls are reinforced with about 40 towers and 5 fortresses.

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