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Taste traditional recipes paired with fine wines in taverns or local restaurants. The scents of the Mediterranean are our tradition. Be sure to visit Pelješac wineries and family farms that offer meals prepared in the traditional way.
We recommend that you follow the signs of our wine road "Peljesac - The Wine Empire" and explore the flavors and aromas of Peljesac cuisine. The flavors of Pelješac are widely recognized, and we are especially proud of the Ston shells and the famous red wine Plavac Mali.
During the year, a number of events are held in all places on Pelješac that connect the tastes of Pelješac into an eno-gastronomic event.

Tourist road "Peljesac - The Wine Empire" has more than 100 participants:

  • 32 wineries

  • 13 wine tasting rooms

  • 2 wine bars

  • 10 agritourism

  • 3 shellfish

  • 5 souvenir manufacturers

  • 5 significant examples of heritage

  • 7 other offers (such as bicycle and hiking trails ...)

  • About 40 restaurants (as associate members)

You will recognize the members of the Pelješac wine road - the realm of wine by the markings on the buildings, but also by the customized brown tourist signs that lead to each participant in this tourist road.

Pelješac - The Wine Empire is a thematic trail managed by the Dubrovnik-Neretva County. And more information about the project can be found at this link.

Take the wine road and enjoy the top Pelješac wines :)

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