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Tue, 25 Jul


Veliki Kaštio

Theater play "Hotel Nostalgia"

HOTEL NOSTALGIJA is a romantic comedy based on the motifs of the work "Hotel Plaza" / Neil Simon ticket: €10

Theater play "Hotel Nostalgia"
Theater play "Hotel Nostalgia"

Vrijeme & mjesto

25 Jul 2023, 21:00 – 21:05

Veliki Kaštio, 20230, Ston, Croatia

O događanju

The first act presents the audience with a married couple who meet on their wedding anniversary (35 years) in the same apartment where they spent their first wedding night. In witty and life-like dialogues, an action takes place that everyone will recognize from a story or their environment.

The second act involves the meeting of the film producer and his youthful love. As young people they were in a relationship, life separated them, she married a young man they both know. Her life is ordinary. She is a married woman, mother of three children, but life with her husband is not interesting to her, although she does not want to admit it. The producer's life has changed significantly since he started his job. He has succeeded in life, but emotionally he is not happy. He has three disastrous marriages behind him.  He wanted to see the girl from his youth, get angry with her and try to reconnect with her. The story is presented as actors by Natalija Đorđević and Mladen Čutura.

The third story revolves around a married couple who marry their daughter. The plot begins when she locks herself in a room, because she does not want to get married. The father is desperate, the wedding is expensive, and he is constantly calculating how much he will lose if his daughter does not marry. In the end, the story ends happily.

All three stories take place in the same hotel space, designed by Miljenko Sekulić, who solved the demanding scenography in a modern artistic way.

Directed by:  Nina Kleflin

Roles: Ksenija Pajić, Natalija Đorđević, Zijad Gračić and Mladen Čutura

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